The WBT Fitness Planner Is Now Available on Etsy!

WBT Fitness Planner

Happy Monday!

Part of my mission here at WBT is to help you create an organized and beautiful life. So often we just accept the less-fun-things-of-life for what they are, thinking that there’s no way to spin them in a positive way. Well, I don’t like to settle like that. I always like to find – wait for it – the bright side. (See what I did there?)

I’m so excited today to announce that I have a new Fitness Planner up for sale in the WBT Etsy shop! It’s full of worksheets, motivational printables, calendars and logs, and, of course, printable planner stickers to use with this planner or your own.

WBT Fitness Planner-2

I know through personal experience that working out is something that can often seem like a chore. It’s so easy to convince yourself out of it. The best method I’ve ever found for sticking to a schedule and making myself lace up my running shoes is tracking my workouts in a planner. It’s as simple as that! If I plan that I’m going to do it, or I set aside space in my weekly planner for documenting my workouts, I am so much more likely to actually get up off my booty and do it. Maybe it’s just the #plannernerd in me, but I encourage you to give it a try.

The WBT Fitness Planner is intended for that very reason – to help you create and maintain a fitness schedule that works for you.

Because I appreciate each and every one of you that reads this blog week after week, I want to share some of my favorite pages with you for free! In this free, abridged version you’ll find:

  • Cover & Info page (with more details on the full-length version)
  • Goals Worksheet
  • Workout Ideas Worksheet
  • A Blank Calendar
  • One Page of Printable Stickers
  • Motivational Poster
  • Daily Workout Log

If you choose to go with the full-length version, you would also receive:

  • Blank Workout Ideas Worksheet (to fully personalize)
  • Two Additional Blank Calendars (for a total of three varieties)
  • Three Additional Pages of Printable Stickers (for a total of four pages)
  • Customizable Motivational Poster
  • Motivational Cards/Notes
  • Colorful Version of Daily Workout Log
  • Workout Library for Cataloguing Your Favorite Workouts

Be sure to check out the Etsy listing for more photos and info.

And if you’d like the free sample, click here!

I hope this planner makes your life a little bit brighter. If you like the planner, use the hashtag #wbtfitnessplanner and tag me @haleympettit on Instagram or Twitter with your thoughts. I’d love to see how you use the WBT Fitness Planner!


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Finally, a workout planner that works for you! With worksheets, planner stickers, motivations, and a workout library and log system, this Fitness Planner is sure to make your workout routine more manageable and enjoyable!

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