Plan With Me – Studio Calico Alfresco Kit

Studio Calico Alfresco Kit


Today, I have a super fun Plan With Me to share with you. This month’s Studio Calico Alfresco Kit is full of bright colors, vibrant patterns, and playful stickers perfect for Spring. Between the name of the kit and the color scheme, these products make me think of Italy in the Springtime. Not that I’ve ever been to Italy in the Springtime, but… Think Renaissance paintings, wildflowers in the countryside, pasta and salads with orange and red tomatoes, and the crisp blue seas! Sometimes, all you need is a little imagination 🙂

Before my daydreaming takes over this post, let’s jump right into the Plan With Me!

And as always, here are some close-up photos from the Studio Calico Alfresco Kit Plan With Me!

Studio Calico Alfresco Kit

Once again, I love how the strips of patterned paper (like the washi tape in my last Plan With Me) divide the page. It adds a lot of color and pattern, while also making the larger insert size easier to work with.

Studio Calico Alfresco Kit

As I mentioned in the video, this spread was a bit of a challenge. I knew that I love stamping in my planner, but I didn’t know how dependent I am on them! However, putting my Milliners to use alongside some fun (and somewhat functional) stickers really helped to pull this spread together.

Studio Calico Alfresco Kit

The bright orange alphabet stickers and the “Get To It” charm add the perfect amount of boldness and whimsy to the page. I also love the punched out patterned paper circles – mixing patterns will forever be one of my favorite planning techniques!

Studio Calico Alfresco Kit

And finally, I’m so glad I did a little bit of hand lettering on these pages. It definitely makes the pages feel more “me”, and I’m happy to have some positive reminders as I head into a busy week.

Want to know the products used in this PWM?

And that’s it for this Plan With Me using the Studio Calico Alfresco Kit! I will probably do another Plan With Me or tutorial using this kit, so if you’re interested in that, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel or my Newsletter.

I hope you are having the happiest May!

I missed using my stamps in this Plan With me :/  What item can’t you live without while planning? Let’s chat in the comments!

Plan With Me using the Studio Calico May 2017 Planner Kit - Alfresco! With bright colors, fun patterns, and lots of whimsical stickers, this A5 spread in my Hello Forever Planner is perfect for Spring!

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