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Happy Friday friends!

This Friday I have another Planner Post to share with you all. Recently, I’ve been experimenting a lot with my planner, trying to figure out ways to make it more functional without losing the joy of color and decoration. If you watched my last Plan With Me Video, you’ll know that this means starting with the functional elements and working from there.


For this spread, I really wanted to keep it simple yet colorful. In fact, you can see how simple I kept it by the picture below, which shows everything I used to create this spread. I used two stamp sets, one ink pad, one small acrylic block (if you even count that!), one decorative rubber stamp, one of my favorite Pentel Sign Pens, and a few random colored pencils I had laying around. And that’s it. No stickers, no washi. Just stamps, colored pencils, and pens! And my planner and inserts, of course.


Although this spread is very simple and functional, I love the color that the colored-in checkboxes and time-tracker add.


Right now, I’m all about finding balance. Using the Time Tracker stamp is one of the ways I’m hoping to keep balance in mind throughout the week – it helps me see my day visually, and note a balanced division between my daily activities. I used a different color for each different activity, and I even carried the same color coding through the week to code my to-dos.


One the left side of the day, I have three checkboxes for my Daily Top 3 tasks, as well as any events planned for the day. On the right, I decided to create a space for reflection/listing. I like the idea of having something to list everyday, even if it’s something fun like “Shows To Watch”.

If you’d like to see an up-close view of either page, click on the images below!

And that’s it! This really was a very simple spread to put together, but I hope that the thought behind it will make my week moreĀ balanced and productive.

I also want to add that these pages are a great example of a functional and colorful spread that you could recreate easily, even without either of the stamp sets. I think that it sometimes feels like you need to buy lots of new supplies to create a beautiful and organized planner, but you can also do a lot with items laying around your house too.

I hope this post inspires you to make your planner a little more functional and focused this week. Remember that your planner is supposed to make your life easier. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works for you. If you try something that doesn’t work, you always get a fresh start the next week šŸ™‚


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