A Guide to Polyvore for Writers

polyvore for writers
As a writer, I’m always searching for resources and tools that can make writing a little easier. A couple months ago, I shared some tips on using Pinterest as a writer, and now I’m back with another social network that will change your writing life: Polyvore.
Polyvore is a website/social network where you can make collages, save items (primarily pieces of clothing/decor), and share your creations. If you’ve been following WBT for a while, you’ve seen Polyvore at work in many Fashion Friday Posts. Although Polyvore is generally used as place to brainstorm outfit ideas and shop, with a little creativity, you can do so much more.
So here we go, a guide to Polyvore for Writers!
Whether you’re creating a character inspiration board or figuring out your MC’s personal style, Polyvore is a great way to organize ideas for your characters. Being able to visualize what your characters look like and dress like is an important part of getting to know your story.
For my WIP, I know that a large part of my MC’s style is her swim/surf-wear. I wanted to get a clear idea of what a modern young woman would wear while surfing. By searching ‘wetsuits’ on Polyvore, I found a bunch of fun, feminine options to inspire me while writing beach scenes.
Lena: Surf



Polyvore is also a great resource for bringing the world of your novel to life. From laying out your MC’s house/room to making a map of a fantasy world, Polyvore can help you visually figure out where your story takes place from the big picture to the tiny details.

For my WIP, I wanted to have an idea of what my MC’s room would look like. Starting with two color-blocks as walls, I began to scroll through the items in Polyvore’s home section, and choosing the items that reminded me of my MC. Now, I have a solid idea of what my MC’s home-base looks like, and how she would decorate a space that is just for her. Whether any scenes take place in her room or not, the process of designing this room helped me discover things about my MC that I didn’t consider before.

Lena: Home



Search, save, and store your favorite sets to return to, just like an inspiration board. People on Polyvore are seriously SO creative, you’ll be amazed at what’s out there. Search a keyword related to your novel, the name of a celeb who reminds you of your MC, or the location/setting of your story. You never know what you might find!

I simply searched “surf” under “sets” and found both of these awesome designs! Some people are Polyvore artists.

So there you have it: Polyvore for Writers. If you’ve been looking for a way to dig deeper into your story, or get a better grasp on the visuals in your novel, I highly suggest trying out Polyvore. If you’re having a bit of writer’s block, playing around with images on a canvas (even digital!) can help to spark your creativity.


What do you think? Would you use Polyvore as a writer? Let’s chat in the comments!


Polyvore isn't just for fashionistas! From character creation to world-building, Polyvore is a great resource for writers. Click through to read how and why I use Polyvore as a writer, and how you can use it too!

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