My Favorite Online Workouts

Simple and Effective Online Workouts

There was a time in my life when people would actually laugh at the idea of me working out. Now, these were mostly my family members who knew that I’d much rather be reading a book or watching Friday Night Lights, but the truth remains: I am not an “athlete”, nor am I naturally coordinated. My limbs are long and often a little bit out of control, so physical exercise has never been my favorite activity.

Over the past year, I’ve tried to fit exercise into my schedule primarily to relieve stress and anxiety. Although it’s hard to measure how much exercise is really helping relieve stress and anxiety, it’s easy to see some other ways that it has changed me – emotionally and physically. I feel more “in-tune” with my body than ever before, and I feel strong.

For me, a good workout falls into one of two categories:

  1. Centering. These are the workouts that allow you time to really become aware of your body and pay attention to each movement. My favorite centering workouts are, without a doubt, Ballet Beautiful workouts. I love Mary Helen Bowers’ gentle voice, and the bright white set and classical piano is much more my style than flashing lights and loud music. Her videos focus on isolated movements that seem simple – but they’ll surprise you with how difficult they are! Although I love her DVD workouts (and highly recommend them), I suggest you start with one of the many DVD segments already on Youtube.
  2. Energizing. These are the workouts that make you break a sweat and put a pep in your step (even if your legs feel like they’re about to fall off). For an energizing workout, I love videos by Rebecca Louise. Between her accent, her dog Alphie, and her positive attitude, she is the perfect (virtual) trainer. Her online calendar is a great resource if you love to switch up your workouts but hate having to pick them out everyday.

For a list of my favorite Fitness Videos from both Mary Helen Bowers and Rebecca Louise, check out my Fitness Playlist on Youtube. I especially love the Swan Arms Workout and the Miley Cyrus Legs Workout. They both sound a little silly, but – oh boy – they work!

What are your favorite online workouts? Be sure to link them in the comments!



Looking for some simple and effective online workouts? Click through to find a list of my favorite workouts that will leave you centered & energized.

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