March Monthly Planner Pages

March Monthly Planner Pages

With March just around the corner, it’s about time to decorate those March Monthly Planner Pages to get the big-picture view of the month. I love the routine of stamping in the dates at the beginning of every month – it’s almost meditative, and it signals a new month and a fresh start.

I had SO much fun using the Studio Calico Savannah Planner Kit on last week’s pages that I had to use it again for my March Monthly. I love the pinks, reds, and oranges, and with Spring on it’s way I think those warm colors are still appropriate.

One of my favorite items in the kit is the Ombre Washi Tape. It adds the perfect amount of color, and the skinny-width is perfect for marking events like Spring Break.

March Monthly Planner Pages

We have a lot of family birthdays in March (including mine!), so I started by marking each of those with a heart sticker and the “birthday” stamp from the planner kit. Then, I just started filling in!

Because my weeks are so often defined by what blog-post I’m working on at the minute, I like to include posting days and newsletter days to see how those tasks align with personal events and goals.

March Monthly Planner Pages

Because I’m doing a series throughout March (read more about it here!), I wanted to mark each Wednesday with a special icon. On Fridays, I generally do a planner post here on WBT, so I marked that as well with it’s own icon. Mondays are also post days, but the topic tends to switch around a bit.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been quite into handwriting and brush pens lately, so I had to feature some fun lettering in the “notes” section. It’s nice to have my goals and to-dos visible throughout the month.

How are you decorating your March Monthly Planner Pages? If you’ve shared it in a blog post or photo, link it in the comments!


New month, new monthly spread! Click through to see how I used the Studio Calico Savannah Planner Kit to create bright March Monthly Planner Pages!

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