June Favorites!

June Favorites

It’s that time again, dear friends – time for June Favorites! This past month wasn’t particularly eventful, but there were a few every-day type things that made my month a little brighter. Of course, that’s what this blog is all about: whatever bright things make your life a little better!1First, I want to talk about this hair-care line by Garner Fructis. If you have wavy, thick hair and suffer from dryness – dry hair and/or dry scalp – I highly recommend this Triple Nutrition Curl Nourish Shampoo, Conditioner, and Quenching Leave-In Cream. The problem with a lot of moisture-rich conditioners is they weigh the hair down. But with this conditioner and leave-in cream, the hair remains light and bouncy. The sulfate-free shampoo is also great – the lather is luxurious and really makes my hair feel clean without completely drying it out. Another great thing about this line is the scent – it’s fresh, fruity, and summery. It’s very coconut-smelling, which I love2

In the summer, I try to keep my eyes as make-up free as possible. Between sweat, sunscreen, and allergies, a heavy eye-makeup look can quickly turn into a nightmare for me. But sometimes, I want a little something to accentuate my eyes. That’s where this E.L.F. Lash Tint Mascara comes in. The tiny, thin wand is incredibly lengthening, coating each individual lash. It also holds a curl pretty well, and doesn’t smudge. It’s the perfect mascara for a natural makeup look.5

This past month (okay, week), I’ve been trying to get back into something of a workout routine. My favorite workout videos are the Ballet Beautiful workouts by Mary Helen Bowers. Personally, I appreciate her focus on stretching and toning long, lean muscles, as well as her attention to posture. Where some workouts leave me feeling like my body is working against me, her workouts make me feel strong, in control, and graceful. That might sound silly, but for a lanky, uncoordinated girl, it means a lot. Check out this 15 Minute Legs & Butt workout on Youtube – it’s one of my favorites!3

Upon purchasing this album, I deemed it the soundtrack of my summer, and it’s totally living up to that title. The Monkees’ new album Good Times! is a fun, classic-sounding album with catchy riffs and precious ballads. Just listen.4

Okay, so I’ve never been into cooking shows. I’m not a huge cook, and I prefer eating food than watching TV about it. But for some reason, this show captured my attention and I can’t stop watching. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s a cooking show where contestants are given $25,000 to use for auction ‘items’ – like the right to replace their opponents’ tools with tin foil, or making their opponent use an ostrich egg to make an omelette. And what they don’t spend in the auctions, they win! I love seeing these talented chefs get creative with their tools, techniques, and ingredients, and also sabotage their competition 🙂 Check it out on Food Network or watch a couple episodes on Netflix Instant.6My last June Favorite is making Pocket Letters. If you haven’t heard of pocket letters, they’re basically snail-mail letters you send made from a baseball-card organizer filled with different items and notes. I had a lot of fun this month making pocket letters for friends, family, and pocket letter pals I connected with on the Pocket Letter Pal Network. I have a post planned that’s all about Pocket Letters, so stay tuned if you’re interested in hearing more about them 🙂

And that’s it! What were your favorite bright things from June? Let me know in the comments!


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Sometimes, it's the little things that make your day brighter. Check out my June Favorites!

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